About Me

Hi there,

I’m Lindsey, the proud owner of Queen Theater Films, a young wanderess with an old gypsy soul, born and raised amongst the south Texas coastlands.

Traveling with minimal funds and a full bucket list is the life I’ve come to know and love. Along with finding my way back home once a month to jump out of airplanes for the Texas National Guard.

Throughout my considerably short amount of time here on earth, I’ve experienced a myriad of truths and awakenings. Many of which pertain to the idea that time is the most invaluable gift of life, while also being the most intangible. At least until man invented the camcorder, that is. This compelling revelation has motivated me to take my interest in documenting & story telling to the next level. Over the course of my life and with the evolution of technology, I’ve developed a passion for capturing all the moments that make life exciting and special, the moments that we likely won’t remember so vividly decades down the road. This ever-growing passion has led me here, to a place in my life where I get to make everlasting memories for people who share the same nostalgia, the same sentiment for these fleeting moments.

To me, videography is more than just capturing a timeline of events, it’s about capturing the emotion that was provoked by that event, it’s about preserving every bit of tenderness and suspending it in a memory forever, stopping time in it’s tracks. My favorite thing about it all is getting to pour a little part of my soul & style into recreating it.

My goal as your wedding/lifestyle videographer is to create a final product that, in ten years time will still evoke the level of emotion, if not more, than the day it was filmed.

I am a very laid back person and I like to think my work/film style reflects that. I don’t expect perfection, I just encourage that you be your natural, uninhibited self and let your raw, unfiltered emotions shine through as the real deal is the closest thing to perfect that we can get. I appreciate you wanting to get to know a little more about me and if you’re interested in booking me for your special event, please click the link below

In the meantime, let’s get connected!